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So first when starting a task, the new entrepreneur must verify the possession of certain attitudes and personality-related features, such as: independence, want autonomy, vision, enthusiasm, ambition, motivation, pragmatism, creativity, self-confidence, attitude and acceptance of risk, leadership, decision-making capacity, ability to communicate, ability to communicate, ability to delegate and planning capacity. Now, it is normal for a person who decides to start a business from the very beginning, do not possess all these features in order to be a good entrepreneur. But nothing prevents him from having the desire to acquire them and make them his own with time.

Once you have verified the possession or otherwise of these attitudes, the aspiring entrepreneur must decide whether to start the activity alone or “in company” with other people who share the desire to do business. The entrepreneur who decides to start a business “by itself” (the so-called sole proprietorship) chooses, without doubt, the “road” simpler and less expensive, although more widespread. The sole proprietorship is characterized by the fact that the owner decides autonomously and does not require any special formalities for its management.

In case the entrepreneur decides to start its activities together with other people, then have to give life to a company. At this point the neo-entrepreneur, that remains is to choose the notary to go to set up her business. The notary, contractor entrusts the task of drafting the memorandum and articles of Association of the new company. It is with these two notarial acts that created the company.

But it doesn’t stop there! Because just as they do for an infant that, immediately after the birth parents make registration at the registry office, the same thing happens for “newly-born enterprises”, which must be registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce. At the time of registration at the Chamber of Commerce, the new company is given a number called the REA (Economic For Repertory) that identifies the company in its relations with the Chamber of commerce itself. After registration in the Chamber of Commerce, the entrepreneur must ask the Inland Revenue the tax code and Vat number for the new venture.